There are so many factors that make this game of lawn bowls so great but we thought we’d highlight just a few to really get you keen to start playing. 

Health Benefits: 

The game of lawn bowls has so many positive health benefits no matter your age or fitness level. Some of the key benefits are: 

  • Improved fitness levels 
  • Improved coordination and skill development 
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 
  • Enhanced mental wellbeing 
  • Community connectedness and support 

It is a relatively low impact sport, but keep in mind each movement can engage multiple muscle groups so remember to warm up and cool down before and after every game. 

Where you play: 

As with most things, your environment can play an integral role in the enjoyment of an activity. This is much the same when playing a game of lawn bowls. 

Firstly the club, there are over 2,000 bowls clubs across Australia so there is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing where to start playing. The community spirit and atmosphere of a bowls club can be what draws people in. 

Second of all, the rink. The area of which the game is actually played should be a flat and even grassed area. This will make sure the bowls roll where you want them to and assist in ensuring a fair game for you and your competitors. 

For perfect, green and thriving grass for your bowls rink see our online store for fertilisers to ensure your rink is in perfect condition for this season and seasons to come. 

The best bit: 

Some may argue, and we definitely agree the best part about playing lawn bowls is that it is so easy to learn. We’ve written a blog earlier all about getting back to the basics of lawn bowls. It’s only a quick read, showing how easy it is to get your head around playing. We understand it is a game of skill and tactics but like most things, takes time and practice to master. So if you keep at it you’ll be a local club legend in no time at all! 

For more updates on lawn bowls information and how to make your club the best place to play follow our social media @lawfordengineering. 

What’s your favourite part about lawn bowls? Let us know below!