There’s no doubt one of the most enticing parts about playing bowls at your local club is the social aspect. Bowls is one of the fastest growing social sports in Australia so expect to see some new and familiar faces when you return. Due to the sport being so social and laid back there are so many options for how you choose to get back in the game. Easing yourself in with a relaxed game of barefoot bowls with family and friends, or perhaps if you are raring to go, getting some mates together for a bit of healthy (and friendly) competition. 

Getting back down to the local club, even though it may have been some time in between can do wonders for not only your physical health but your mental health too. Whether you join a bowls club as a member or just to play socially, getting out and amongst all the action could be just what you need after the long year 2020 has been.

One last thing to remember, get out there and have fun! Here at Lawford we are  so excited to welcome all the clubs back and we can’t wait for a cracker of a Spring/Summer season!